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cherry tomato, apple, sprouts, purple cabbage, tofu, kale, arugula, shaved brussels sprouts, portobello mushroom, spicy broccoli, curried cauliflower 

What "The Perfect Bite" is all about: Nutrition is not only about what you eat (or don't eat), but also how you eat it. The first bite of any dish sets the stage for the rest of the meal. It has a much stronger taste and sensation than the bites that follow. And with each bite you take, you derive less and less pleasure from it.


So, did you eat your first bite quickly? How does it taste? Were you standing or sitting? Were you even paying attention to what you're eating? 

Scientifically, research shows that many foods are actually more nutritious when eaten in combination rather than alone. Additionally, combining nutrients (fat, protein, fiber) increase satiety, which is efficient for weight loss.  

Make an effort to create each bite of your meal like it is your last. Combine food groups and ingredients in order to feel full, satisfied and excited about your meals.

                                                                       BITE INSPO:

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